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Just as you take care of your body, take a time to reconnect with your inner being, make a point, to be more in tune with yourself, realize what prevents you to live fully and turn your inner reality.

psycho-body work, breathing, awareness and acceptance ... to really become the driver of your life.


Individual sessions by appointment in Montbrun

Prices: 50 euros - reduced rates from 3 sessions.



My name is Betty DOL.

Trained and passionate about personal development and coaching for 25 years, I am transpersonal therapist, a graduate of the School of the Consciousness Way, today " Being School".

Often we look outside of us that can come fill this lack that we perceive in our hearts! We multiply the activities, commitments, property... and so we try to quench that thirst impetuous inside us, but without real success ...

become increasingly aware

To support life in all its fullness, we must first look within us, become more and more aware on who we are and we welcome and with kindness, with our strengths and our shortcomings. It is proposed that we learn to live in the moment, without the weight of the past or fear of the future.

A work on oneself

This is the path that I offer, in a climate of trust, respect, listening, no judgment and caring.

It is a work on yourself that brings you to discover the different aspects of your personality, to become aware on what limits you (old traumas or recent bereavements not facts, limiting beliefs, fears ...) to soothe your inner conflicts, to make choices.

We are more than our personality

By connecting to your true being[/ b], your essence, you dare to show who you really are, you understand that your personality, important as it is, is only part of you and you are much broader than that.

We are more than our ego more than the masks we wear in society, in our family or face ourselves ! And these masks are responsible for our helplessness, our suffering, our ignorance !

Keeping connected with our essential Being

The connection with our essential Being realigns us, gives us the power to live the life that we choose conscience and leads us gradually to welcome who we are in all our dimensions: body , heart, mind, spirit.

This connection with our essential Being brings us joy, sense of unity, peace, strength, confidence, freedom, creativity ...

Our life becomes larger and takes more sense!

What are the means or tools?

verbal and emotional expression is offered in a caring and confidential setting.

connected conscious breathing leads you through blockages in your conscience and free you from past traumas. For expanded states of consciousness, accessing inner states, carry a deep well-being.

internal dialogue you discover that the different facets of your personality puts you in touch with the needs and vulnerabilities of your inner child and opens more potential.

intuitive text brings you to understand better your own reality through symbolic images and messages from your unconscious

daydream connects you to your inner healing ability.

"The customer is returned to the present, brought from outside to inside, from the head to the body, a helpless space to a powerful space, confusion to a clear and conscious choice, to fight the external observation and acceptance of his inner reality. "Michel Claeys Bouaert. [/ I] [/ b]

What is transpersonal therapy :

The transpersonal school is the fourth high school in psychology after psychoanalysis, behavoriale approach and the humanistic approach. Transpersonal "beyond personality, the mask of ego" is a new term ; but it is rooted in all the spirituality of the East and West.

The transpersonal approach recognizes previous approaches by including spirituality as an integral part of man. This is not a materialist worldview, a holistic approach to the human being. The human being is considered in its holistic dimension with its four levels of consciousness: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Transpersonal therapy refers to this dimension of our being that is beyond our sense of self, which is broader and connected to everything. This path towards more authenticity and conscience opens in inner freedom and creativity.

"The human being is seen as a multidimensional being in which different levels of consciousness and experience interpenetrating me aware representing only one of these dimensions. "Michel Claeys Bouaert.

Tel: +336.

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Thérapie Transpersonnelle (Wellness)



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